Favorite Baby Gear

So far, I have covered my Most Used Baby Products, Bath Time Essentials, What’s in my Diaper Bag, Nursery Essentials and even what you Don’t Need for your Newborn. But I still had a list of baby things we’ve definitely used in the first 3 months that didn’t necessarily fit into any of these previous categories. I still wanted to share because I find all of these products useful! If I had to create a “category” for these items it would probably be something like “Baby Gear You Need” or “Big Ticket Baby Items I Love”. Or maybe even “favorite things to place baby in when you don’t want to hold them” HAHA. 

Favorite Baby Gear Items

  • Pack-N-Play: I love the 4moms Play yard. It is easy to set up and take down. And I loved the bassinet insert to use those first few weeks. There is also the changing table which came in super handy that I loved! We used this in our room instead of bassinet those first few weeks. I also bought the storage caddy attachment for diapers, wipes, burp cloths and formula. 
  • Kick-N-Play Piano: Once she was a little older she loved playing on this playmat too. Beware the songs will never leave your head ever lol.
  • Bouncer with Attachment: Again, as she has gotten older, she likes her bouncer more. I attached this toy to it that is for a stroller but she LOVES it. (Same brand as her beloved playmat)
  • Boppy: While we don’t use this to feed, I do prop her in it when I need to put her down quick or after feedings to keep her upright for a while. 
  • Stroller with Bassinet: When it is nice outside, I really try to take her out for a walk. The bassinet attachment is so much better for a newborn than strapping her up in her carseat because she has room to stretch her legs and move! Once she is older, we will use the “normal” stroller seat. 
  • We also have this stroller organization thing that I love for holding my phone and drink!
  • Carseat: Of course, you need a car seat, we like the Uppa Baby, but I know it is pricey. 
  • Swing: We got the Mamaroo and like most things that strap her in, she doesn’t hate it but doesn’t love it. It was super nice to have somewhere to put her those early days for sure if we needed to eat or something. So having a swing is a must. I like that this one can be controlled from your phone and it is compact and doesn’t take up a lot of room and it isn’t an eyesore. 

Do you absolutely need every single one of these? No. (Well except a car seat, you need that). But the rest I would probably consider luxury items, and you probably only *need* a couple. But we like and use all of them so I recommend every single one! Especially since we have a larger two-story, I like not having to move things around and having options to put baby somewhere wherever I am at in the house. 

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