Formula Feeding Must Haves

We’ve been formula feeding baby girl since day one and it has been going great, everyone is happy and healthy! If you are formula feeding, either from the start or you are switching or supplementing, I wanted to share some of the must-have items that have made formula feeding easier!

Formula Feeding Must Haves:

  • Baby Brezza: This is the number one item! It makes a bottle in seconds! No measuring and no mixing and 3 temperature settings too. We are super spoiled with this but it is worth every single penny. We have the WiFi model so I can make bottles from my phone but they have less expensive models too. You will not regret this purchase.
  • Dr. Brown’s Bottles: We have loved Dr Brown’s Options+ bottles since we brought baby girl home. She has done great with them and we don’t have any tummy issues. We bought enough so that we had more than she needs in one day. We had 7 4oz bottles and 9 8oz bottles. She grew out of the 4 oz bottles by the time she was 7-8 weeks old. 
  • Drying Rack: I love this drying rack because it doesn’t take up much room and it fits everything! Also, I don’t think it’s ugly.
  • Bowl for Washing/Dirty Bottle station: I have a big bowl sitting by the sink that I put all of the bottle parts in after rinsing them out. This keeps everything contained before I do the dishes (once a day) so they aren’t taking up the sink. (I recommend rinsing out the bottle as you are done to make washing easier).
  • Enfamil Formula: We have done really well on Enfamil Enspire Gentlease! She hasn’t had any tummy issues at all and I liked the ingredients. 
  • Premade Formula (and nipples for early days): These little premade bottles are great for those first few weeks for night feedings so we didn’t have to go downstairs to get a bottle. We still use them now as backups to top a bottle off if she drains it and also to have in the diaper bag! We also bought some nipples to go on them those first couple of weeks when she was only drinking about 2oz at a time. Now we pour into a bigger bottle if we use it. 
  • Cabo Cream: This is gold to dry up your milk! (Ice packs are your friend too). I only had pain for a couple of days using this. 
  • Follow “The Formula Mom” on Instagram: She is wonderful and has such great tips and info about formula feeding!

My final tip is, don’t let anyone make you feel bad about how you feed your baby – I sure don’t! I encourage you to do your own research and do what is best for you – because if you aren’t happy, you can’t be the best mom for your baby. And for us, formula feeding makes us happy! 

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