Baby Organization Products

If you know me, you know that I love having things organized! And with baby stuff, I am no different. Adding another human to the house, means I probably have to be even more organized now. I wanted to share a few things I use to help organize all the baby stuff!

  • Drawer Organizers: I used these and these in her dresser to organize clothes and love how they keep things contained.
  • Plastic Storage Bins: I use these in the top drawer of her dresser and the bathroom drawers to contain all the personal hygiene items!
  • Hangers: I tried to hang as much as I could in her closet because it’s easier to see. Got to have baby hangers!
  • Size Hangers: And of course, I wanted everything organized by size so I bought these hangers to help organize. (Within each size section, I organized by type of clothing)
  • Diaper Caddy: I love this little caddy that I keep downstairs that keeps everything contained. Read what I put in it here. 
  • Toy Bins: I have a larger toy chest in her closet and a smaller toy bin downstairs. I like having the smaller bin downstairs so we can rotate out toys. And the large chest can hold the rest of her toys. I am going to try to keep the toys contained to these two areas, if she has more than what fits, time to purge! Babies really don’t need that many toys anyway. 
  • Blanket and Stuffed Animal Baskets: I have one basket for her blankets and one for stuffed animals. Again, everything has to fit in the basket or there are too many!
  • Old Clothes/Items Totes: I have a couple of plastic totes I am currently keeping in the guest room closet that I am putting her old clothes and baby products in as she outgrows them. This helps contain the clutter too!
  • Memory Tote: And then I have one “memory” tote that I have designated for all of her keepsakes. It has her hospital hat and bracelet and some other sentimental items in there so far. 
  • Stroller Hanger: We have this on the door to our basement storage room to keep the stroller on when we don’t need it! Love that it keeps it off of the floor.
  • Baby Tracker App: And then digitally, I stay on track of her needs with the Baby Tracker app. I log all of her sleep, eating and diaper changes in here so I can keep her on schedule and see trends.

I am trying to make sure we only have things we need and are using (or will use when she is old enough). If you only have what you need (and not extra fluff) – it is so much easier to stay organized!

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