2021 Year in Review


January 2021 was spent preparing and waiting for a baby and finally welcoming miss Camilla Lidia on the 23rd! You can read her birth story here.


In February we adjusted to newborn life, got new born pictures and celebrated Camilla’s first Valentine’s Day and Miguel’s 28th birthday. Lots of time spent at home and recovering with baby!


In March Camilla really started growing. We got to spend some time outside as the weather got nicer as well. I was just soaking up all of my maternity leave!


In April we celebrated Camilla’s first Easter. And I went back to work the last week of the month.


May was a big month! We started spending a ton of time outside. I celebrated my first Mother’s Day. Camilla’s first cinco de Mayo. Camilla started getting out more as well – trips to Menards and her first birthday party she attended. We also left her at home for the first time (with my mom) and took a nice relaxing trip to Fort Lauderdale.


We enjoyed summer and got Camilla out into the pool! We also started some solids at the end of the month.


July has more firsts with Camilla’s first Fourth of July! Plus she went out to her first restaurant (and many more outings in July) And Camilla turned 6 months old!


We took Camilla on a nice date night in august. And enjoyed the last month of summer. Camilla also got her first two teeth at the end of the month!


In September we spent a lot of time watching Iowa Football. Mom and dad got out for a date night for a wedding. We ended the month by taking Camilla’s first vacation – Disney World and Sarasota!


October started off with a heat wave and we had another date night in summer clothes! We took a trip to the pumpkin patch. Went on a hike. And tried to enjoy the last of our evening walks that we loved! We also soaked up the end of the fall season and celebrated Camilla’s first Halloween.


November was pretty quiet to start but we hosted thanksgiving here and it was a great day with family for Camilla’s first thanksgiving! Then it was time to switch into Christmas mode!


We got the house decorated and spent a lot of time in Christmas PJs. Then we took off for Camilla’s second airplane trip to Florida to visit my grandparents for Christmas. Then we came home and prepped for Christmas. The last two weeks of the year I had off work and got to soak up all the time with my baby girl. We had a wonderful Christmas! Can’t forget we ended the year celebrating my 28th birthday!

Thanks for following along this year throughout my inconsistent posts!

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